Nursing Services

The service is provided by Registered Nurses who are specially trained

Carers & Personal Aides

We provide trained personnel to give support for older adults

Palliative/Hospice Care

Specialized service provided for individuals with life-threatening illnesses

Executive Care Aides

Perform limited administrative duties in the client’s home

Welcome to Wellcare Home Medicals

Wellcare gives you the peace of mind required to be optimal on your job.

Wellcare Home Medicals Limited offers an array of person-centred home-based care to the old and frail, chronically ill individuals and those with life threatening illnesses. You will require a medical assessment to know which of our service will be right for you.


  • We are Professional in outlook and service delivery
  • We are dependable & very reliable
  • We have a proven track record
  • We are Customer-centric
  • We add value to our client’s lives
  • We give hope to the hopeless
  • The terminally ill pass on gently in our arms

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Featured Services

Our services are highly personalized and flexible

Nursing Services

Registered Nurses who are specially trained in domiciliary (home-based) care for those

Nursing Assistant Service

Provide companionship and ensure the general wellbeing of the clients

Dementia Care

We have personnel who are specially trained in Dementia Care


  • Wellcare is the best care agency I know.
    Client #1 Patient
  • "I have been very impressed and all the carers have been co-operative and flexible. "
    Client #2 Patient
  • "Carers are supportive and always prepared to go the extra mile."
    Client #3 Patient


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Stroke is Treatable

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