Our Staff

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We currently have staff strength of about 100 people. We however have a large pool of personnel who work on part time basis. Recruitment is a continuous exercise for us due to our growing number of clientele.

Our staff includes:

General medical practitioners and specialists

These are trained nurses who work closely with the company’s physician to control symptoms, relieve pain, and provide direct care, instruction and support. They usually care for those with medical challenges.

They provide emotional support and counseling.

They provide non-medical care which includes assistance with activities of daily living such as personal grooming, bathing, toileting, meal preparation and household chores assistance.

These are usually family members who relief the caregivers and sometimes takes decisions for the client.

These are medical doctors who are also trained to manage pain. They are versatile in the use and combination of various medications to control pain.

These are professionals who manage clients with psychological problems.

These are trained personnel who advise clients on the best kind of nutrition to be on for optimal health.

Provides pre-bereavement and post-bereavement counseling/care.



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